Misadventures of the Village Idiot #67

It was a weekend of mixed emotions.  For the most part, it was pretty good but I had/have some things on my mind that kind of clouded everything.

Leaving work Friday afternoon did not go so well.  That’s when the shit really hit the fan.  By the time I left out of work I felt like I should go play in traffic.  I’m not really going to get into everything that went on but let’s just say that there could be significant changes coming soon.

To get my mind back right, I got right into bed and laid there for the better part of the evening.  I was supposed to be going out with Debonair again and I didn’t want to have a dirty attitude.  I sought some advice from my dad, who always gives good advice and by the time we finished talking I was in a better frame of mind.

Deb came to pick me up and went for a ride.  We were supposed to go see Sanctum but I heard that it wasn’t worth all the money for 3D.  It’s crazy all these movies are trying to go 3D but the movie is still garbage.  You can wrap some shit in tin foil but that don’t make it gold.  So instead of going to the movie we just decided to drive around and talk.  It’s too cold to go for romantic walks in the moonlight and restaurants don’t let you sit down unless you’re ordering something.  We’re not to the point where we are going over each other’s houses so a ride seemed like the next best thing.  I like not being the one having to drive.  I get to be the sightseer for once in awhile.

We did end up stopping in Silver Spring because we were both in the mood for some Thai food again.  Plus, I wanted a Suzette from Eggspectation.  We stayed out until all hours but eventually I had to call it quits.  Riding around in a warm car made me sleepy.

I had to finish some hours from work so I got up early to get it knocked out.  I was still thinking about the day’s previous events so after Deb dropped me off I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I would.  At about 4AM, I decided to just give it a rest and I went in to work.  I know it’s crazy but there was nothing else for it.  When I got off, I went home and went back to sleep.

Debonair called me in the afternoon to ask if I wanted to do something, so we went off riding again.  I think we have explored almost all of DC and the greater part of Maryland.  Haha.  We both had our own separate plans for later that night, but we did kinda make a plan to meet up afterward.  I wanted to dance my life away at the club and he wanted to go to some fight party.  He is into UFC and mixed martial arts.  We did invite each other to our respective events but he doesn’t want to dance his life away anymore than I want to watch two guys bash each other in the face.

I went out to Midnight for the first time in almost four months.  I really, really miss dancing.  I think I don’t miss Midnight though.  The music was excellent.  There was a new DJ and I really like her, but the crowd is completely different.  It has become a club for young black kids and everything they bring with them is annoying.  The screaming and carrying on, running into people like they are the only ones in the club, dancing in a huge circle so that nobody else can enjoy the music.  Not to mention the terrible dressing and poor fashion choices of some of them.  Apparently it was somebody’s birthday so there was a huge group of them.  They looked like they were having a great time but I was quickly tired of the counting one guy was doing.  He kept saying, “5, 6… 5, 6,7, 8! like this was an aerobics class.”  Then all the guys had their shoes off, which is just… gross.

I keep saying that I’m going to make the switch up to Spellbound but I haven’t done so yet.  Maybe soon.  I stayed out really late because I had hoped to meet up with Debonair afterward but it was almost 3AM and I was getting tired.  When I got home I fell immediately asleep.  When I woke up I saw that he hadn’t called and I guess it was a good thing I took my ass home.  I forgot I told him that I wasn’t going to meet up with him if it was like 3AM.

Sunday I got up to run with the Lunkheads.  My first race in almost four months.  I was nervous because I took so much time off running.  I also have not run outdoors since winter started.  I was afraid that Lunkhead might beat me because I hadn’t been practicing.

I don’t know why I even stressed myself.  We went up to Dundalk for a Superbowl 5K in honour of some policemen memorial.  The course was pretty decent, but there were some sleeper hills that had me a little bit stressed.  I passed Lunkhead just after the first mile but as usual I couldn’t catch up with the other one.  But I see that he hasn’t flown way past me.  He only came in about 1.5 minutes ahead of me.

I just stuck to my three original goals:  don’t walk, finish the race and beat Lunkhead.  I did not achieve my standard of 30 minutes or less.  I came in at 30:13.  In the past, when I turn in a time like this, I can think of a point in the race where I could have really kicked it out.  Not this race.  I was tired after the last hill and pretty much I had no energy left.  I need to do some more training and I also need to start running outdoors.  Running on a treadmill in a climate controlled room is not doing me any favours.

After the race, we hit up our usual spot at Bob Evans and I was back home by 1PM to rest and relax for a little while before going over to Maq’s for the Super Bowl.  SF seemed surprised that I even watch football.  While not a huge football fan I do come from football country (even though college ball reigns supreme where I’m from), and I have never missed a Superbowl.  The game is usually interesting, as long as it isn’t a blow out.  I also like the commercials.

This year’s commercials sucked for the most part.  There were a few good ones, like the Doritos commercial where the dude licks the other dude’s hands.  I also liked the one with Joan Rivers, because anything with Joan Rivers is mo’betta.  Of course I liked the VW commercial with Darth Vader.  Some of the Pepsi Max commercials were good, but the shitty commercials were all the Coca-Cola commercials, Budweiser and the Groupon commercial.  There was also one where a baby gets smashed up against a window.  That was lame too.

I didn’t have any vested interest in this particular game, except that I wanted the Packers to win.  I hate the Steelers, along with the Patriots, the Cowboys and the Redskins.  These teams are always talked about and overrated.  Plus, there is a guy in my office who is from Wisconsin so I felt like we should have some kind of office comraderie by rooting for his team.

After the game, I went home immediately and got in bed.  I petition that Super Bowl should be moved to Saturday so I can stay up late after the game.  I also petition that they stop having gay ass halftime shows.  The Blackeyed Peas sucked really bad.  Fergie cannot sing.  I also request that they stop having celebrities sing the National Anthem if they cannot agree to first, remember the words, and second, stop embellishing it so much that it’s another song entirely.



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