Bizarre Dream #7

So, two nights ago I had a dream that I had a baby.  Haha.  Before you start thinking that this is indicative of anything, let me tell you what kind of baby it was.

First of all, I didn’t physically have the baby in the dream.  It was already born.  It was about six inches tall, about the size of a Cornish hen.  For some reason, when I first saw the baby I immediately thought of a Cornish hen.  It was like a little chicken with a head.  The baby could walk, talk and do everything anybody else could do.

The baby would not allow me to carry him, insisting that he could walk on his own.  The baby was exceptionally smart and everybody would always stop by to ask the baby questions.  One day, we went to the mall and somebody tried to kidnap him.  I couldn’t do anything to prevent the kidnappers from getting away, but the baby turned out to be well-versed in martial arts.  There were about five kidnappers and the baby was able to defeat them all very easily.  Everyone was very surprised.  This made even more people try to kidnap him.  We had to have an armed guard around the house.

But the crazy thing is that the baby was the one who set up all the security around the house.  For some reason, I was very stupid in the dream.  The baby was smart and made all the decisions.   It was truly amazing.

So I wonder what all of this means?  Amazing, super smart baby the size of a little chicken.


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