Misadventures of the Village Idiot #68

I think it was an excellent weekend.  The weather was enjoyable, and it wasn’t so jammed with activities that I felt overwhelmed.

I got off at my regular time to accomplish a few errands.  I desperately needed new running shoes.  Since I am taking on a marathon this year, I am making sure that I do it with the right gear.  I am always particular about my running shoes but this time I really took the time to scope out a good pair of shoes.  These I have are just for training, and I may even go into one of those fancy running stores for the type of shoes I see professional runners wear.

SF trailed me from the department store to the wine store to the Amish market, just so we could catch up on a few things.  Then I headed home for a long, luxurious afternoon nap.  We were all supposed to go to happy hour but my nap lasted longer than expected and then I was determined to get a workout in.  By the time I finished all that it was time for my date with Debonair so I did  not have time for happy hour.

Deb and I went to Maiwand Kabob in Arundel Preserve then we went to see Unknown.  We ended up running into Maq in the theatre.  I really liked the movie.  I would have never figured Liam Neeson for an action star but I think this suits him well.  After I saw Taken I had hoped to see more of him.  I think Unknown was way better though.

I went into work to make up some hours that I had ditched earlier in the week, then I came home to try to get in a mid-morning nap but a long Twitter conversation between me, Maq and SF interrupted my sleep.  I ended up over Maq’s house because first we were going to get some seafood, but then we ended up at Cluck-U Chicken.  I’m not sure how that happened but whatever.  I hung out at her house for a little while watching Kitchen Nightmares, some reality show with Chef Gordan Ramsey that I immediately got sucked into.

I hate watching TV.  I really do.  It’s such a waste of time, but many shows are like train wrecks.  They’re so bad, yet so good and you can’t help but to watch.  You can’t turn away.  There are so many other things I could be doing with my life but yet, I have know what is going on in the personal lives of all these people that I will never meet.  That is why I try hard to keep my TV off.  I’m interested just like everybody else, but really, I shouldn’t be.  Plus, I think it just makes you dumber.

At any rate, I would have stayed over Maq’s house all day if I hadn’t had a date with pancakes that afternoon.  Deb started the whole fiasco by mentioning that he wanted some really good pancakes.  I personally think the best pancakes are found at the Double T Diner on Route 40 in Catonsville.  So we took a drive up there for pancakes and omelets.  He agreed that they were some good pancakes.  After a full stack and a huge 3-egg omelet we were both stuffed senseless so we drove around for a little while.  If the weather had been fine, it would have been a good idea for a nice walk but it was too windy and that brisk air was not enjoyable.

Instead we browsed through Target and Best Buy looking for a blu-ray drive for his computer, and then I went over his house for the first time.  So he warned me that he did not have furniture.  Okay, so when most people say they don’t have furniture they mean they have very sparse furniture.  Maybe they do not have a living room set or a dining room set.  Maybe they just have one chair and a bed, because it’s just them and they don’t really need a whole lot.  No, when Debonair said he did not have furniture, he did not have furniture.


There was no living room set, no dining room set, no bed, no chairs (except two lawn chairs), no table, no dressers, no nightstands, no NOTHING.  The place was sparkling clean, of course because with nothing to clutter up the place, it’s quite easy to keep it tidy but he literally did not have a speck of furniture.  It was amazing.  Guys are weird.  If he’s comfortable, well, that’s his business.  We’re not moving in together.

I hung out over there for awhile, watching X-Men:  Origins, one of the worst movies ever, but he and I are well-versed in comic book lore so we made it worth our time.

Since I stayed out way too late on Saturday all my Sunday plans got screwed up.  The original plan was to wake up early go running with my dad and then go hiking up in Gunpowder State Park with my hiking club.  Yeah, not so much.  I woke up at 830 (which is really late for me) but I was so tired that I went back to sleep for another 1.5 hours.  For some strange reason I was not hungry so I just lounged in bed and watched Toy Story 3.

After laying up until noon, I did manage to get out of bed so I could put in five miles and a weight routine.  I called Maq to see what she was up to and we decided to go get that seafood that she had been craving.  We went to DC, to McCormick and Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant.  Stupid me did not check to see if the were actually open and we arrived about 45 minutes too early.  We had rice krispy treats at Starbucks to tide us over until M&S opened.

Maq had herself a little seafood feast.  She had never tried lobster before, so she ordered a lobster, crabcakes, shrimp and scallops.  I had multiple appetisers and a flight of wine.  (I think I’m becoming a lush.)  We even hit up the wine store afterward but we didn’t find what we were looking for.

Sunday night I had a mini Oscar party over my house.  I baked cupcakes and the intent was to open up the bottle of chocolate wine I had bought the week before, but Maq fella sleep and SF was waylaid so I watched the Oscars kinda by myself.  I thought the show was lame and boring.  They’ve been trying to infuse new life into the show for years but it is just not working.  Maybe they should work on the format, stop scripting the show and get some hosts that don’t look like they are coming off a weekend bender.

Anne Hathaway was decent but James Franco looked high.  He was staring off into space, repeating his lines dully.  I know the show organisers are worried about inappropriate activity on a primetime show but seriously, having everyone read their lines off a teleprompter is dry.  Whoever writes the jokes… needs to be beat up.  They aren’t funny.

Really, I just watch the show for the fashions.  I do like to see who wins but they drag the damn thing out so long that I am tired halfway through.  Why is the show 8PM on a Sunday night?  Actually, 830 and running to almost midnight.  Of course, they save the best for last and that makes you have to sit through all the BS like Best Sound Editing and Best Other Lame Ass Category No One Cares About.  Listening to dry-winded speeches from writers, art directors, etc.  It’s quite old.  They should come up with something else.

By the time the show was over, it was nearly midnight and I had to take Maq out to her car.  I was quite tired and Monday morning I woke up with the sense that I was going to either ditch work or just do a half day.  I’m here so it’s gonna be a half day.  Although it’s supposed to rain it should be warm today.  Maybe I’ll get a good run in before the storm breaks.

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