Misadventures of the Village Idiot #71

Running, hiking, bad fish and a four hour breakfast:  what a weekend!

The sudden return of unseasonal cold temperatures prompted me to be less active.  I was really looking forward to spring but it seems like winter just won’t quit.  After work, I took my usual nap.  I was supposed to go hang out but I should have known that was going to be bypassed if a better offer came along.  I ended up at the sushi bar, chatting it up with the locals.  I also attempted to go to the movies again but since I had to be up at 430 the next day, I changed my mind.

Saturday was a very long day but it was quite fun.  It started at430 in the morning so I could drop Pops off at the airport.  Then I went into work to do make up these hours and log some overtime for my Hawaii trip.

After that, I met up with Lunkhead and SF at Centennial Park for the American Red Cross Out For Blood 5K.  What a race, and I kinda don’t mean that in a good way.  Maybe they did not expect such a large crowd.  There was really no parking for all those people that showed up.  I illegally parked in a handicapped ramp.  Normally I would not consider doing something like that but there was literally no place to put the damn car.  Lunkhead parked in the grass.

First, it was difficult to tell where the start line was.  People were told to go to the top of the hill but then I saw a whole bunch of people at the bottom of the hill.  Then suddenly, everybody started running.  I didn’t hear “Go!” or a “gun” or anything.  We were just running.  I wasn’t even ready, hadn’t set my watch, or fixed my iPod, so I’m running and do all these things at the same time.  Then it was seriously crowded.  I hate when the path is not big enough to accommodate everyone.  You can’t have all these people running down a sidewalk.  Whatever.

The worst of it all was that it was damn cold.  I just don’t have proper winter running gear.  Now that it’s supposed to be getting warmer I guess I won’t bother, but still.  It’s hard to breathe when it’s cold.  My fingers were numb.  Still, despite all of this, I had a very good time of 29:45 (29:17 unofficial).  I hate that they didn’t have chip timing though because it’s not really accurate.  Whatever.  I’ll stop complaining.

We didn’t do breakfast because everyone had to dash out.  Instead I met up with my hiking club for a nice hike through Savage Park, a place that is quite literally around the corner from my house and heretofore I had never known existed.  I did 9.5 miles, and I am starting to think that I need to take these hikes just as seriously as I do running.  I don’t prepare for the hikes.  I don’t stretch.  I don’t do anything.  I just start walking, but when you are walking 9, 10, 12 miles, you need to do that stuff.  My knee was hurting after the hike and that is affecting my runs.

I laid up with some Chinese food for the rest of the afternoon so I could refresh for that evening’s activities.  Maq wanted to find a lounge, and since I do not really know places to hang out I had to text/email everyone I knew for a reputable place.  Big Baby Jesus ended up helping us out by recommending this placed called Indulj.

SF came along with her friend Shakara (I hope I spelt her name right).  At any rate, despite everything I had a good time and I’d go back again whenever I am in the mood for lounge activities.  The bad part is that it’s in U Street, which means no parking but I was smart by going down there very early before places started to get packed.  Because of Blockhead’s connections we were able to get in and get a table without hassle.  The other bad part was that the food was terrible and the drinks were worse.  The wine tasted as if it had been sitting out for weeks.  It was at the point where it was almost vinegar.  What does vinegar make you do when you ingest too much of it?  Yeah, after some cold fish that didn’t seem cooked all the way.

Why did I eat it?  Because I was slightly tipsy and not in my right mind.  Directly after eating the fish I started to feel ill, which isn’t great when you are already slightly inebriated.  I felt so terrible.  Yes, I know I am a lightweight when it comes to drink but two glasses of wine does not make me throw up.  I hated that most of all.

But at any rate, the lounge had a live band that did some jazz/go-go.  Quite normally, I abhor go-go but since this band was gracious enough to only bang away at one set of pots and pans, it wasn’t godawful.  That’s what I hate about go-go music:  the clanging in the background.  Some bands have too much going on that you can’t even hear.  But this band was smart.  One pan and only one person banging on it.  Hahahah.

After the band stopped, we went upstairs.  I would have been content to stay upstairs but I had to hold my heavy ass coat and then it was super crowded and someone spilled their drink on SF.  Time to go.

After taking care of business with the porcelain god all night long, I felt so refreshed the next morning.  I was up by 7 and in my office do finish up some more comp time.  Then I woke up Maq and SF and demanded that they go to breakfast with me.  I found it funny that they were both sleepy.  Maq was like, “I can’t take all this partying.”  Partying?  We didn’t even dance and she only had two weak ass drinks.  So dramatic.

We went to Founding Farmers and sat in there for FOUR freakin’ hours, having a smorgasbord.  Pancakes, eggs, english muffins, fresh preserves, for real grits, beignets, caramel sauce, cinnamon infused maple syrup and cups of cocoa and cappuccino.  It was a mess.

I also was finally able to get my money from Wack Ass.  Let’s see if this check is good.  Bitch.

We then drove around for a little while having girl talk before I dropped them off.  I forced myself to get outside for my long run but my knee started hurting again.  I’ve been doing some research and it’s possible I either have runner’s knee or ITBS.  Cant’ figure out which one because I appear to have symptoms of both.  Leave it to me to have some weird new condition that doctors have never heard of.

Not looking forward to next weekend.  Drill.  Ugh.

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