Misadventures of the Village Idiot #72

The weekend got off to a rocky start.  I was desperately ill starting Thursday night.  I left work early to get some rest but I refused to believe I was sick.  I even tried to go out and run six miles.  I drove out to the lake and then I was like, you’re nuts, and turned back around and went home.  I was in bed by 6PM.

I got up to go to work on Friday and I knew that I wasn’t going to make it.  I called out and stayed in bed for most of the day.  I watched a few of the Netflix movies I had piling up, but for the most part, I was asleep.

Saturday morning I meant to get up and make up some hours at the job, but I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed just yet.  The Lunkheads invited me out with them and at first I was going to cancel because I was still feeling poorly but I hate just laying in bed doing nothing.  I felt better after showering and washing all that sickness away.

We went to the Newseum.  It was lame, but then it wasn’t.  I guess I was not in the mood for something educational.  What is news?  Reading newspapers, watching news reports and listening to news radio programs.  Not in the mood for all that.  It was a giant four floor place with newspapers and TVs with old news reports.  The 9/11 exhibit, the Katrina exhibit and the Berlin Wall exhibit were the only things that really captured my attention.  Everything else was kind of dry.  Especially the room that had drawers full of newspapers going back to the 1500s.  Yeah, I could have done without that.

Instead of actually paying attention to the Civil Rights exhibit, I was tweeting to SF and Maq.  That’s how interesting it was.  Lunkhead got bored before I did, but Big Baby Jesus insisted that we go to each floor and look at every single exhibit.  Yeah…. not really feeling that.  We eventually did talk him out of it, and decided to go on to The Source, this restaurant by Wolfgang Puck.

The place was pretty good.  It’s one of those restaurants where you pay $100 for something that looks like an hors d’oeuvre, that leaves you starving 15 minutes later.  Luckily, it was tapas style so you could keep ordering a bunch of the small plates.  I liked the food and I’d eat there again, but I will make a reservation.  They only seat you at the table by reservation.  Everyone else has to sit at this community high table or at the bar.  We went at a time that it was not crowded but I bet in the dinner hour that place would be packed (it’s small in there) and all those people smashed around a community table with eight mini tapas plates all over the place.  That would get old fast, but you know, that is fine dine for you.  Posh if you can afford it, and a nightmare for the peasantry.

We parted ways after the restaurant, only to meet back up again later that night at the Arlington Cinema’N’Drafthouse.  I had always wanted to go to that place and I’m glad I got the chance. It’s like a place that serves full meals in the movie theatre, not just popcorn and nachos.  We didn’t see a movie, but a comedy show:  Tim Meadows.

Sorry, Tim, you are not funny.  Not funny at all.  I mean, he wasn’t boring.  I did not fall asleep on him and I did get a few laughs, but he wasn’t hysterical.  I did not die laughing.  I would not suggest to my friends to go see him.  We had a good time though.  Sometimes you just need to be out among friends.  It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing.

I spent Sunday trying to get my mind right.  I did go into work to make up those hours, and then I was supposed to go hiking afterward.  That was an epic fail.  I drove all the way out to what was supposed to be a sneaker hike only to find a nasty wet bog.  I took one step in the mess and my foot got all wet.  Nah, no thanks.  I went back home.  Then I tried to go running and that was also an epic fail.  I was starving.  So I went home to eat instead.

I ate the leftover oxtails and noodles I had from The Source.  Then I ate some lemon cake I got from the Amish market.  I did go for a walk but that was about it for the rest of the day.  I laid in bed and watched Wall Street 2:  Money Never Sleeps.  It was okay, but I think I wasn’t smart enough to really understand it.  Too bad I don’t have the brains to be an investment banker.  They start out at like $300,000.  Must be fucking nice.

The weekend did not really go as planned, but I guess there is a reason for everything.  I think I am tired of dealing with flaky people and their lame, tried excuses.  I keep saying that it is time to expand my horizons.  I need to stop saying that and actually just do it.

But it’s Monday now and it’s supposed to be 85 degrees today.  I am definitely sneaking out of here a few minutes early so I can get warm.


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