Misadventures of the Village Idiot #73

It turned out to be a rather decent weekend after getting off to a slow start.

I stayed up all night watching disaster movies.  For whatever reason, I was in the mood for death and destruction.  Even though most of those movies are never that great.  I just like them for their special effects and sheer stupidity.  I stayed up so late on Friday that I had to force myself to get out of bed for my scheduled overtime.

It was a messy day.  Raining most of the day, tornado warnings and whatnot.  My dad wanted to go out to eat but after he heard there was a potential for severe storms, he changed his mind.  I did a few hours at the office and then laid in bed most of the day, for some much needed rest.  It’s been a long time since I was able to just lay up in bed and do absolutely nothing.

That evening I was invited to a birthday get together for one of the Lunkheads.  Me and SF went down to DC to this place called Muse Lounge.  It was actually quite fun.  They had merengue and salsa music, so we got our Latin dance on for a little while.  Big Baby Jesus really went all out for his closest friend’s birthday.  We had VIP, champagne, ciroc, drinks out the wazzoo, cupcakes, the whole works.  It was serious.  I think Lunkhead could really care less but he is always really chill about everything.

I liked the place, mainly because it was not overly crowded.  They did not play salsa music all night long, they had a very good mix of reggaeton, euro dance beats and pop music.  Everybody was having a good time.  This is a place where people come to dance.  They are not looking for drama.  They are not standing around staring in each other’s face.  It was funny.  Me and SF went upstairs to the area that had more of a hip-hop theme.  They were all just standing there diddy-boppin’ with their drinks in their hand.  These are people that just want to look at each other.  They don’t want to dance.  They don’t want to party.  We went back downstairs and hung out there.

Sunday we went out with the Lunkheads again to brunch at the Front Page in Arlington.  I’ve been to Front Page before, but the one in DC.  It’s pretty much the same, and it’s hard to mess up breakfast food.  They had an omelet station, a waffle station and some other stuff in those tureen things.  We sat in there for three hours, stuffing ourselves, talking about weirdos we met in basic training and our hopes for this deployment.  Everybody is ready to make some changes in their lives.

I got home so late in the afternoon that I really didn’t have time to do much else.  I got a six mile run in and then I crashed out.  I was so drained from those activities that I ended up doing only a half day at work on Monday.  I had other things I needed to accomplish so I guess it all worked itself out.

I also spent the weekend putting some plans together.  I know that I’ve been talking and talking, but the time for talking is over.  It is time for action.  I will not speak on it again until I actually do it and then I can tell you about what I’ve done.


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