Senseless Scribbling of an Idiot #50: Let’s Get PC!

“I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s retarded.”

-Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wants you to know that comparing her to Madonna is simply retarded.  She is a songwriter who has written loads of music, a lot of it with the same chord progression that has been in use since the disco era.  She’s not the first to use it, nor will she be the last, but she is the first “fucking artist in 25 years” to put it on Top 40 radio.  She’s not a plagiarist, she’s “fucking smart.  Sorry.”

I ain’t mad at her.  I’m one of her “little monsters,” as she calls her fans.  She is a weird chick but I like her music and her political activeness, but the media is out to crucify her…not because she dropped the “F” bomb several times in her interview wit NME magazine, but because she said…………R…E…T…A…R…D…E…D.

Let’s look at public reaction:

Patman says, “The autism rate is 1 in 100. Thats how many parents are offended. She is equating retarded to mean stupid. My daughter is a A student who struggles with her speech and some social issues. Its just ignorance. Welcome to America, right?”

Lara says, “She apologized because she just offended more than half of her demographic.”

Agonyflips wrote, “Mentally Challenge people can NOT help the fact that they are the way they are. So it is offensive to use that term to belittle someone who isn’t mentally handicapped. These people have to work so hard to try to fit into society and every knock against them is hurtful, so do them a favor and skip using the word. Make them feel accepted and appreciated by truly accepting and appreciating them, and not using such a derogatory term, in any context. If you didn’t know it was such a disparaging, depreciatory and repugnant remark, you should know now. Erase it from your vocabulary and if you ever get the chance, volunteer to help those with disabilities–when I was in grade school and volunteered with mentally handicapped children I found it very rewarding and now as a young father with an autistic child, I even more want others to understand how they’re wonderful people or children who deserve the respect and kindness that every person does. I’ve know for 30 years not to use that word… please stop using it too. Thanks.”

Well, how retarded can you get?  Some people were even comparing the use of the word “retarded” with the word “nigger,” as if the two could equate.  We’ll talk about that another day.  Let’s tackle this retarded issue, okay?  Patman said the autism rate is 1 in 100 and that’s how many parents are offended by the Lady Gaga’s use of the word “retarded,” because she is equating retarded to mean stupid.  This is kind of a bass-ackward way of explaining things.  People who are mentally challenged are no longer referred to as retarded.  Lady Gaga was insulting people who compared her music to Madonna’s, not people with autism.  Not to say that autistic people cannot enjoy music, but are many of them performing an comparative analysis of these artists’ music?  Probably not.  Patman please get over yourself.

Lara said that Lady Gaga offended more than half her demographic.  Half her demographic is “retarded?”  I don’t think so.

And Agonyflips went into this diatribe about how difficult life can be for mentally challenged people.  I agree with these statements about fitting into society, but I don’t agree that it is offensive to call someone who isn’t mentally challenged a retard.  I think it’s offensive to call a person who is mentally challenged a retard.  Lady Gaga isn’t referring to anybody who actually is mentally challenged.  That isn’t her demographic, so I don’t understand why everyone is getting all upset.  I guess perhaps because when you say retarded images of mentally and physically disabled people spring to mind–but that’s only if you are in acquaintance with someone who is in this situation.  If I say retarded, that is not what I think of.  I think of some idiot.

Yeah… idiot…. dummy…. stupid…. imbecile…. all of these words were used to describe mentally challenged people.  Should they also be stricken from our vocabulary?

What if Lady Gaga had said:

“I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s stupid.”


“That’s idiotic.”


“That’s dumb.”


“That’s mentally challenged.”

Use of the words mentally challenged is far more PC than retarded, so what if she had said that instead?  Would we even be having this argument?  Or would the argument be even more heated because it might insinuate that she is making fun of mentally challenged people?

Very few people actually made some sense.  One person wrote,  “I wouldn’t be so insensitive as to use it on a person with an actual mental handicap, but when it is used in this kind of context, where it is clearly being used as a synonym for “ridiculous” or “stupid”, it’s PC overkill to be offended by it.”

Thank you.  PC overkill.  If this gets anymore stupid…… idiotic…. ridiculous (is it okay to say ridiculous?) then as Stacey writes, “People will stop doing interviews and simply hand in a pre-written speech that has been approved by a lawyer.”


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