Operation: WTF (Day 1)

Day 1:  Take Care of Yourself

Yesterday began day 1 of Operation:  WTF, my adventure to a mysterious part of the universe.  I am attached to a new unit for the duration of the mission that will cease 400 days hence.  It boggles the mind that I actually volunteered for this, but people are motivated by different mechanisms.  There is usually no rhyme or reason to the madness.  Just go with the flow.

So I have learned my first lesson of this mission, and that is I should take care of myself.  Of course, throughout my entire adult life I have been taking care of myself because I’ve noticed that no one will coddle me like me.  Basically, no one gives a shit about me.  It’s just me and my imaginary friend Claire.  I dragged her along for the ride and she’s pissed at me right now.

I should be wary of false and deliberate miscommunication.  I should watch out for complete disinterest and a thorough lack of caring.  I must also brace myself for abject stupidity and an unabashed idiocy that even Forrest Gump would be ashamed.  It’s that bad.  At any rate, I’ll try to keep you abreast of my newest adventure.  I hope that you will journey along with me and keep me company.  If not, oh well, I am getting paid just the same.



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