Operation: WTF (Day 36)

Army of Men

I spent yesterday bashing the women of the army, I guess it’s time to bash the men.  I was trying not to, since I spend a lot of time bashing men, but something just occurred that got on my nerves.  No–a lot of things have occurred that get on my nerves.

Yes, I understand that the army is a male institution.  Way back when, in the old days, only men were allowed to do anything.  I quite understand that, but those days are supposedly over now that we have women’s liberation and all that good stuff.  I feel that for all our great strides that we are still in the stone age on many things.  And I guess we can apply that analogy on a lot of issues that plague our society.  I won’t get into that.  Let me continue on the topic at hand.

Everyday in the dining facility they have the news on.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  As soldiers we should be aware of everything that is going on around us.  The news is important and I have no obection.  But how come on Sunday we don’t watch news, we watch football?  I am not saying that there aren’t any female football fans, because I certainly know quite a few, but how is football important to anything?  What if I wanted to watch Maury?  Or the soaps?  Would the dining facility people put on Real Housewives of New Jersey?  I’m sure they won’t, because it doesn’t even cross their mind.  I wouldn’t want to watch that garbage anyway, but I don’t want to watch football.  So either we keep it gender neutral with the news, or we don’t watch anything at all.  Don’t put on a fucking football game becaused 68% of the army is male.  You’re excluding the rest of us.  Thanks.

And on to more man bashing.  So, we’ve started do some actual work, not all that good army training, like running around with our weapons in the hot ass sun.  We’re sitting in our office doing our jobs.  I’m on a team with two men.  One of them is an idiot, the other… well, he’s a decent enough guy but you can tell that he’s one of those type of guys that is intimidated by a smart woman.  Actually, I don’t want to say intimidated.  He seems like the type of guy where a smart woman doesn’t even occur to him.  Like the two words can never be in the same sentence.

The first night we worked, this dude sat here all night long and barely said two words to me, except to ask me how my day was going and some other mundane conversation.  This evening as we come into work, he speaks and we exchange pleasantries and settle into work.  Ten minutes later a man from another shift comes in.  I wonder to myself why he is here.  Because we’re sitting in a tight space, you can’t help but to hear other people’s conversations.  My co-worker starts to ask all these questions.  It turns out that he is new to the situation and doesn’t know a lot about our job.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  You should ask questions when you don’t know something.

But I’ve been sitting next to this guy for about eight hours and never once did he ask me anything related to our job.  He didn’t say, “Do you understand what’s going on?”  He didn’t say, “I don’t understand what’s happening.”  He didn’t say anything.  But he has the nerve to ask this other man to come in on his off time to explain everything to him.

What annoys me is that he did not even ask me for any help.  As a defense he could say, “Well, I didn’t think you knew.”  Okay, that’s fine.  Maybe I don’t, but did it occur to you that I would benefit from the same information you were receiving from that man?  He could have said, “Hey, he’s coming over here to explain some of this stuff.  I don’t know if you know what’s up, but I’m lost in the sauce.”  Or something to that effect.  No, nothing.  I might as well been chopped liver sitting next to this dude.

Whatever.  Maybe I am overreacting.  Since I am female I am prone to hyperventilating about everything, or whatever.  It’s probably nothing.  Why I shoulde be worked over something this dim-witted man probably didn’t even think about?  But then he was the one who jumped up and screamed like a bitch because a teeny tiny cricket was crawling around his feet.



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