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Whitney’s televised funeral was earlier this morning, and I’m sure there were millions of viewers.  For whatever reason we are a society that seems to idolise celebrities, even though they don’t really do anything that special.  Think of the millions of Michael Jackson fans (myself included) that were transfixed by the non-stop coverage after his death.  If you say something bad about Beyonce to one of her fans, they call you a hater and they want to punch you in the face.  On the flip side of the coin, these same people will deny that they idolise anybody.  As one girl I know put it, “I just respect Beyonce.”  Respect her?  How, when you have never met her.  At any rate, regarding Whitney Houston, there was quite the buzz on whether or not Bobby Brown would attend her funeral, and one person put it like this:

“Who cares, we have soldiers over in Afghanistan and other places fighting for our freedom and rights that die everyday. Do we see the soldiers get this special treatment? No! They deserve flags being half-staff and the publicity these addict celebrities get! Get over it already it makes me sick that the media makes a big deal about when a celebrity has passed and now the state of New Jersey will be flying the flag at half-staff for this addict … Our real heroes are our soldiers that sacrifice so much to fight in war for us.”

-Danielle Slaven Conley

As much as I love some Whitney (pre-crackhead Whitney) I agree with Conley.  Flying the flag at half-staff because a singer died.  Much celebrated as she is, she’s still just a singer and hasn’t done anything particularly special to deserve that sort of treatment.

It’s just something to think about, this level of love we give to people we don’t even know.

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