Operation: WTF (Day 211)

Let’s Make a Deal



And the rat said, “You can keep the cheese.  Just let me out of the trap.”

It is amazing to me how many people have insinuated that money somehow makes things better.  I do love a pretty penny as much as anyone else, but money doesn’t solve…or salve…. everything.  If that were the case, I would have given Sam his pennies back MONTHS ago.  The smile on my face would rival the Mona Lisa.

3 responses to “Operation: WTF (Day 211)

  1. Please consider that your financial situation may not be as dire as the next person and that everything isn’t about you

    • See! You did it too! You went straight to “financial situation” when I was thinking more along the lines of “internal happiness.” I am up now, but I have been way down. Way down. I think I was happier down there. In fact, I know it. This time last year, I was laid out near the Tidal Basin, feasting on cheap wine, supermarket crab salad and chocolate chip cookies, enjoying the cherry blossoms. You cannot buy that type of peacefulness.

      My best currency is in experience. Even this deployment, as miserable as it is for me, it has been a reckoning. I have discovered something about myself that I could not figure out back home. This type of bland lifestyle is not for me. That 9-to-5 routine, buy a house, own a fancy car and all that jazz, it sickens me. It took six months in the desert for me to really grasp that. I now know what I must do.

      I’ve been reading these travel blogs all day, and thus my melancholy.

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