Operation: WTF (Day 230)

Mutha Fuckas

Have a bowl of Mutha Fuckas and mind your own business.

I would like to ask all my church-going friends and battle buddies to pray for me because I am truly about to punch somebody in the face.  It is like nobody wants me to a peaceful, calm individual.  Every time I mellow out and relax a little bit, start to feel comfortable, someone does or says something to get me irritated all over again.  And the sad part was that today was a good day at the end of a string of good days.  Me and my battle buddies are out, having a good time, going for a nice little jog, having a friendly challenge.  I have been improving my run time consistently.  I feel like I have lost a little weight (even though the scale don’t say so).  Generally, it has been peaceful.  I still can’t wait to get on the first plane back home to America, but my usual angst-anger-bitchiness has been at an all-time low this week.  So why do these people persist?  Why, God?  I don’t question you but help me understand because I am just confused right now.

Like the minute I walk in the door, someone passed on some information to me that was just so patently ridiculous that I hardly even knew how to respond.  And it is one of those things that you cannot react to because it will only cause more trouble.  I am almost certain as to the source of this foolishness, but if I try to address the situation it can be easily turned around to make me look like the asshole.  I am just so fed up.  I have been trying so hard to do the right thing.  I don’t want to make trouble for myself or my team.  I realise I have probably messed up a lot of things and burnt some bridges that can never be amended.  All I can do is try ride out the rest of this debacle without any further incident.  BUT PEOPLE JUST PERSIST.  I swear, you think I am just talking.  I am dead serious.  I took boxing for two years.  I may not be Laila Ali, but if I catch you at the right moment, I got a mean-ass right hook.  JUST FOR YOU.


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