Operation: WTF (Day 249)

100 Days…

One day is just the same as any other.

Apparently today marks 100 days until we get home.  I would not, if I were you, begin making any plans based on this information, as I really have no idea how accurate this is.  I did not get this from anybody in charge, nor was there any official announcement.  There is a board at work where someone has been keeping track of the days, and I don’t know how they arrived at 100 more days to go.

At any rate, it doesn’t even matter.  Everyday is the same whether it is 200, 100 or 50.  Even 50 days is almost two months, so 100 days is not really anything to get excited about.  I really only wanted to remark on this because in the 249 days I’ve been activated, it seems a lot has happened, at least for me.

The other day we were all talking and we came to the conclusion that this really isn’t all that bad.  I can’t exactly agree with that, because this is probably the worst thing I have ever experienced, but I do begrudgingly admit that some good has come from this pile of shit-turds.  By the time this is over I will have completed two military schools.  It was pretty much impossible for me to do that back home.  I kept getting bumped off for someone who had a higher priority than me.  Back home I still had my civilian considerations to worry about, preventing me from doing what I needed to do without notice.  Here, well, my life belongs to Sam and it didn’t matter.  I got all that crap knocked out, and this is a good thing.

Have a nice life, Student Loan. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Secondly, my financial situation has increased by leaps and bounds.  No more debt; no more student loans.  I do not owe a single person on this planet a brown penny.  At the end of September, every penny I earned stayed in my bank account.  I was able to set up that “emergency fund” all the financial gurus talk about.  You know, where you’re supposed to have 6-8 months’ living expenses saved up.  When you pay rent, a car note and all that other crap who can save up that kind of money?  Except for my phone bill (because I was too lazy to turn it off), I don’t have any other bills.  If I were back home, I’d still be plugging away at that damn student loan that’s been hanging over my head since 1998.

Even minor things have looked up for me.  I’ve improved my run time in various distances.  I’ve lost weight.  I started grad school.  I even reconnected with a long-lost family member, which I find to be weird, considering the distance.  Here we are, 10000 miles and we were able to establish the relationship we could never get going when we were practically next-door neighbours.

When I see this, that’s when I’ll get excited.

Don’t get me wrong, this is still quite shitty and I will never willingly do this again but at least I got something out of it, even though it is not everything I had hoped for.


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