Operation: WTF (Day 293)

Things That Go Hop in the Night

These jokers cost about $300.

Two nights ago, I was on my way home to the tent from work when I saw something bouncing in the distance.  It was dark and quite far away so I could not tell what it was.  I know there aren’t any kangaroos around here.  No jolly great jackrabbits.  Actually, I have never seen any animals around here except dead camels (which says a lot actually.)  I was really curious as to what that was bouncing up and down like that.  I have a pretty good imagination but still I could not come up with anything.

Soon the Army will require all Soldiers to purchase a pair.

So I rode closer (I was on a bike) and luckily for me, whatever it was that was bouncing like that happened to bounce directly under a light.  Well, it wasn’t an animal–not really, it was a soldier.  So now I’m thinking to myself, how in the hell is he bouncing up and down so high?  This dude was jumping up in the air about six feet.  He would stop and jump around for a minute then he would run real fast and leap high into the air, like some Superman type shit.

So naturally I had to get even closer.  I had never seen the like in my life.  This guy had on some like pogo stick things on his legs.  It wasn’t one pogo stick, it was like two attachments on his feet and legs, allowing him to hop ridiculous high into the air.  He was wearing a helmet and his PT belt, like a good Soldier, but hopping around on some stilt things at 1AM in the middle of the desert.

The minute I got into the tent I did a google search.  I Googled “pogo stick things” and immediately came up with this picture.  They are actually called Pogo stilts.  A variety of brands make them and they run about $300 a pair for an adult size.   You know, just in case anybody was looking to augment their standard PT routine.


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