Operation: WTF (Day 344)

One For the Road

The only road out of here.

Apparently the demons that run this place found out we were trying to leave so they cast some kind of evil spell to trick Mother Nature into sending us the worst sandstorm we’ve experienced since we’ve been here.  We had plenty of them, quite a few that raged for a few days, but yesterday it was absolutely horrible.  It was strong enough to spark a fear that we might not get to leave here on our scheduled departure.  We were assured that come hell or high water (which they don’t have here) we are definitely getting out of this place.

You really have no idea of the renewed vigour I feel now I know I’m leaving.  This afternoon I completed my daily run and I ran with a quickness that I didn’t even know I possessed.  It was like I was running towards the Promised Land or something.  It’s that serious.  I’m not even bitchy about the excessive noise in the tent during the few hours I tried to catch a cat nap.  I didn’t even blink an eye when I discovered that every toilet in this Godforsaken place is covered in a thick coating of sand.  It’s all good.  I did not even get mad when the AC started to conk out during the prime heat of the day.

Actually, I think I found it hysterical that AC should die on our last night here.  Somebody is pissed that we are leaving this place.  Sorry about your bad luck but it’s time to be hittin’ the old dusty trail.


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