Operation: WTF (Day 345)

One Last Thing

Starry night, come inside me like never before. Don’t forget me when I come knocking at heaven’s door.

A few days ago I made this long ass list about what I wouldn’t miss about this place.  I guess it is only fair that I should say what I would actually miss.  I really couldn’t think of anything.  I wracked my brains trying to find something positive about this place that I would miss.  I was about to give up when I realised that I would miss the stars.  I’ve always thought the heavenly bodies were the most spectacular of God’s creations.  On those long walks back to the tent from the office, I would look up at the stars.  Since there isn’t much light pollution there’s actually quite a good view.  It’s a good time to contemplate things, to wonder and dream.  The sky is limitless.  There’s so much out there that we don’t even known about.  It has always amazed me.

Even though the rest of this shithole is lost to the dogs, that is the one thing I will miss.  In the big cities there’s too much light to get a good view.  You have to drive way out to the country and even then you have to be careful because the lights coming from the city messes everything up.

If I ever have the misfortune of coming out here again, I’m going to bring a telescope.


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