The Road Less Travelled #2

View from the scenic lookout on Tioga Road, Yosemite National Park

Well, my poor little car made it.  I can hardly believe that I got that thing to climb 10,000 feet up the side of the Eastern Sierras.  It’s absolutely gorgeous up here, but this mountain driving is for the birds.  I can’t do all these twisty-windy treacherous roads hanging off a cliff somewhere, and everybody else was driving so damn fast.  I was just worried I could even get up there without breaking down, but somehow I did it.

I only did two very short hikes today.  I went up to Bridalveil Falls.  This was less than half a mile.  The falls were piddling because it’s the end of the summer, but I still thought the whole thing was impressive.  I have to laugh at the crazy white people though.  There were huge signs that said do not climb on the rocks whether they are wet or dry.  The sign mentioned that there had been countless injuries, serious injuries from people climbing up on the rocks.  But they were up there anyway.

The second short hike I did was about a mile up to Lower Yosemite Fall.  This fall was dry.  I was disappointed but it’s whatever.  I’m still enjoying myself.  I’m glad I avoided the Labour Day weekend.  As I get closer to Friday this place is about to become packed.  It’s jamming right now but I can deal with it.  The roads are too narrow to deal with thousands of foreign drivers.  Seriously, all these people are foreign.  I’ve seen Japanese, Chinese, Indian, foreign Hispanic and Australians.  I’ve even see Arabs and Israelis.  Lots of white people, but I am the only black person.  I thought I saw one on a bike but it turns out he was like one of those dark-skinned southern Asian people, like from Burma or something.

At any rate, tomorrow I plan on hiking to Mirror Lake.  This is about 5 miles.  I really want to do the big hike, the 13 mile but it’s stupid to do that by yourself.  I’d have to gauge how many people are out on the trail too.  If there’s a shitload like there was today then I’ll go but if I only see a handful of people I’ll just wander around someplace else.  There’s plenty to do.  I want to rent a bike and hit some of these bike trails.  I’m here for two more days so I’ll let you know what happens.

I am staying at a rustic mountain lodge, and I do mean rustic.  No TV, no phones but thank God for internet, even if it is a slower connection.  There’s also a decent restaurant so I can’t complain.  I opted for the hostel option which means I share a room with several other women.  LOL.  I know it’s crazy, isn’t it?  It’s not like Kuwait, trust me!  There’s only 4 other women and they are in the other half.  We also have indoor plumbing and carpeting.  It’s funny how after Kuwait I feel like I can put up with anything.


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