Bizarre Dream #12

Recently, I’ve been having bizarre nightmares.  I can’t tell you where these visions are coming from.  I don’t do drugs.  When I drink, I don’t really dream.  I try not to watch things that are too scary.  But lately, I’ve had these dreams where people I know are dying, tornadoes, other natural disasters.  I wake up in a cold sweat, and even though the dream was completely farfetched it just seems so real.  Maybe I need therapy.

Last night I dreamed that he and I were sitting here watching TV as usual.  Then he said he wanted to go to the store, so we went.  Nothing spectacular happened; we bought a few things and came home.  As we pulled up to the house, he said that he wanted to get some things out of his car so he wouldn’t have to come back out later.  It was getting very cold.  It was still daylight, though, like maybe 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  I stood outside waiting for him because even though it was cold, it was warmer than it had been in recent days and there was actually some sun out.  The sun started to disappear after a few minutes.  It started to get really dark, like nighttime dark.  Then I saw a Spanish woman running down the street.  She was screaming in Spanish.  My limited Spanish skills were enough to know that she was petrified of something, a beast.  When I looked in the direction she came from there were other people running and screaming.

The sun was setting very quickly.  You know how in winter the sun is so far away and at sunset it can look like a teeny little ball?  Well, that’s what I saw in the dream, and then so randomly, this dragon just pops out of the horizon and eats what was left of the sun.  Yes, I know, it doesn’t make any sense but this is  dream–not real life.  We both start screaming.  We drop everything we’re carrying and run into the house.  In the dream, no one else lives in the house, I’ve got the whole place to myself.  So we’re upstairs and able to look out the window.  The dragon is golden, with red eyes and big leathery wings.  He is sitting on top of someone’s house.  People are screaming.  Then it blows fire at a house and it is engulfed in flames.  The dragon flies around for a little bit and then actually eats one of the houses across the street.  People run out of the house but the dragon sets them on fire and they are all dead.  All this carnage is going on but the dragon does not seem satisfied.  It seems to be looking for something or someone.

It goes on like this, houses getting set on fire, people getting set on fire, houses getting eaten.  Then the dragon notices that we are watching it from the window.  It flies above our house where we can’t see it.  I tell him that I think we should get into the basement.  We run down the stairs just as the house is set on fire.  Smoke is everywhere.  We can’t see anything.  We’re coughing and choking.  We huddle into a corner in the basement, and I’m pretty sure this is the end.  But the dragon eats the top of the house and now he can see us.  The dragon doesn’t want me; he wants him.  I tell him to run away, even though we both know he wouldn’t get far.  He tries to run but the dragon scoops him up.  I start screaming.  People outside are screaming.

I felt so paralyzed.  I couldn’t do anything.  Then I started crying because I felt helpless, which is bizarre in and of itself because I never cry about anything.  Then I woke up.

And the shit seemed so real…. because people get eaten by dragons almost everyday.


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