The American Dream

Fuck bitches, get money


Apparently, I’m in the wrong business.  You got college girls doing porn, making bank enough to pay for an expensive education at Duke.  Now you got pimps making more than $1.5 million a year.  What kind of fool am I to do things the “traditional” way?  Graduate high school, go to college, get a job.  There are some statistics that point out many college grads aren’t getting jobs.  There are more statistics that state college grads aren’t getting jobs that were worth their degrees.  I’ve never run the numbers myself but I started wondering if this whole thing isn’t some big scam.  Go to college to be a doctor or a lawyer, spend most of your life trying to pay off the loans.

In no way am I advocating becoming a pimp or porn star.  These things are short-lived.  Looks fade.  Pussy fades.  Money don’t roll in like when you were young, tight and 18.  Pimps get beat down, shot, stabbed up or arrested.  End up in body bags from a disgruntled prostitute or another pimp what caught you on his turf.  I think the moral of this graphic is that whatever hustle you can come up with to make it through the game is what you should shoot for.  Be a doctor, if you want to be a doctor.  Be a porn star if you really want to be a porn star.  Don’t just do shit because they said you have to.  College is not for everybody.  Pimpin’ ain’t for everybody either.

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