The Internet Morality Police

Morality Police

Morality Police

Who are the Internet Morality Police?  Who even fucking knows?  A random set of douches hiding behind their tablets, too afraid to stand up to their own opinions.  I should actually title this The Anonymous Internet Morality Police, because they are awesome pointing out your faults and judging you, but amazingly, they cannot actually say it to your face.  These people lurk on blog comments, CNN comment threads, and the Fox News Channel.  They are silent on Facebook and any other site that requires you to login with real information and possibly a photo.  These people rarely have the guts to tell you to your face how they feel about you.

I think confession is good for the soul.  It’s painful to keep secrets.  Constant lying only exacerbates a situation and makes it more difficult to forgive and be forgiven.  I am not and never will be a perfect person but when the time is right I usually ‘fess up to all my sins.  It’s like a colon cleanse, I think.  You get all that bad stuff out and you look down at it in the toilet and say to yourself, “Okay, no more of that.”  I think if you confess you are less likely to commit the same transgression again.  I think a lot of people grow from admitting their mistakes.  Or maybe that is just me.

But in confessing, you’re also laying yourself open to all judgement.  People say judging others is wrong, but I disagree.  It’s a fact of life.  We all do it everyday.  If someone says to you, “That guy is a horrible person.  He cheats on his wife and doesn’t take care of his kids.  What a bastard.”  That’s a judgement.  If someone else says, “She volunteers at an old folks home and regularly saves children from house fires.  She’s so nice.”  That’s also a judgement.  So if we’re going to say we should not judge anyone, then we also cannot give compliments.

If I wear this hood, they can't read my nefarious thoughts.

If I wear this hood, they can’t read my nefarious thoughts.

I’m okay with judgements, but you can’t be a coward about it.  Don’t say behind my back what you can’t say to my face.  I am baffled why we engage in this behaviour.  If you really don’t like a person or you hate their behaviour, why can’t you tell them?  If you say, “Hey, you know what, I don’t like your lifestyle.  I don’t like anything about you.  I’d rather not associate with you,” what is wrong with that?  Why are people afraid to say how they really feel?

Anyway, I wrote this confessional piece back in October 2010.  I admitted to some very shady behaviour that did not bode well for me.  My life kinda sucked while I was engaged in this behaviour but at the time I was too stupid to realise it.  Although I wrote the piece in 2010, the events took place in 2003 and 2006.  I wrote about why I did what I did and why, at the time, I felt I was right.  Then I wrote about why it actually sucked, what happened to me and the consequences. 

Forget about the homeless, she has to anonymously bash an unwed teen mother AND an atheist before dinner.

Forget about the homeless, she has to anonymously bash an unwed teen mother AND an atheist before dinner.

The backlash I got from the Anonymous Internet Morality Police was truly amazing.  I guess every person who responded was a saint, who fed starving children, donated their incomes to the homeless, and stands out in front of clubs on Friday night, quoting Bible scriptures.  What’s even more insane is that I wrote that shit back in 2010 but yet I am still receiving comments on it.  I got one this morning, which prompted me to write this.  None of the comments are even useful, just name-calling and bashing.  It is my most active post.  Nothing I’ve written before or after gets comparable traffick.  I think that says more about our society than my actual behaviour. 

There are going to be a thousand more confessions from me, and I welcome any and all comments.  But if you’re going to be lame and hide behind Anonymous, then get a life.  Your entire opinion is invalidated because you cannot back it up with your own face.  Most of the commenters are probably people I do not even know, but there were a handful of comments that were specific enough to only have come from people I knew.  Random person I don’t know, yeah whatever, but supposed “friend” lurking behind Anonymous or even person who’s always hated me lurking behind Anoymous:  come at me.  More than anything in the world, I hate bitches.  Punk ass bitches:  people who cannot stand up to their own words or whatever it is they believe in. 

At any rate, I password-protected that post because it had long since passed ludicrous levels.  I mean, how do you even respond to “semen dumpster face?”  Yeah, I don’t know either.  And if that actually came from an adult, then I’m done with humanity.


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