Operation: GTFO (Day 15)

And So It Begins…

Thankfully, she's not going on the deployment with us.

Thankfully, she’s not going on the deployment with us.

There wasn’t much opportunity to begin writing up until this point.  Now that we’re settled into somewhat of a routine, I think I can get this blog up and running again.

Why Operation:  GTFO?  Well, the last operation was called WTF, for obvious reasons.  I decided to name this one GTFO because this is essentially a mission to draw down operations over there.  The whole plan is to pack some shit up and get the fuck outta of other people’s countries, so yeah, why not?  Get the fuck out.  You don’t want us there, we don’t want to be there.  Works well for everyone.  I just hope that other stuff going on in the region doesn’t pop off, because then I’d have to change this to Operation:  OMG Lulz Deux.  Don’t worry about it, if you didn’t understand that.

I do promise that I’ll keep up with everything, but I don’t promise that this will be as juicy as the last blog.  If that makes you not want to read, then get lost.  It seems like people are only interested when you’re talking trash.  That’s cool; I’m like that too, but that shit got me in trouble last time.  We’re trying not to go that route again.  Yeah, there might be a few thinly veiled insults but I won’t be launching a full-fledged assault against the Real Housewives of Baltimore.  I received an actual death threat from an individual on the last deployment.  The goal is not to end up with my body stashed in a 55-gallon drum behind a bunker somewhere.

Anyway, I hope those that do follow our antics across the Atlantic enjoy what I’ve got to say.  If not, well, have a nice life.

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