Operation: GTFO (Day 51)

Real Housewives of Arifjan

Yeah, there's no Army reg for this

Yeah, there’s no Army reg for this

We haven’t even been here 15 minutes and already the drama has started.  I don’t know how we got off track.  When we were at Fort Dix, it seemed like we were all getting along.  Maybe that’s the problem.  You can never really have too many females in one spot.

Apparently, a situation between two females blew out of control.  One female don’t like the other, and the other don’t like that one.  They ended up being roomed together and when another Soldier tried to fix the situation, one of the females in question refused to be mollified.  I’m not even exactly sure that’s what happened, since I heard everything secondhand.  Regardless, the CSM ended up in the mix and it all went downhill from there.  Fire and brimstone rained down upon us and now we all hate each other.



The poor NCOIC tried to have a kumbaya moment, bringing us all together to air out our differences to come to a resolution.  That shit never works.  It began a recon mission to seek and destroy the person who supposedly said something to the CSM.  I kept thinking, who the fuck cares a Soldier spoke to the CSM?  I know there is such thing as chain of command, but the truth of the matter is that no one knows exactly how the conversation with the CSM even came about.  I can think of five different ways how a person ends up in a conversation with her.  I think our CSM is great; she can be a little extra but only because she actually cares.  If she comes up to you with a legitimate question I can’t see how a Soldier would be like, “Oh, not your business, CSM.”  She has the type of personality that just draws things from you, whether you want to be drawn out or not.  Additionally, who is to even say someone actually went directly to her?  Everyone has been complaining about their situation.  We all sit down at lunch and bitch about everything.  Shit gets around.

I just felt like nothing would be accomplished by attacking the person who supposedly spoke to the CSM.  How about moving forward and addressing issues we can fix?

You want guidance?  I got your guidance right here.

You want guidance? I got your guidance right here.

I became really pissed off because it was insinuated that we as NCOs are not providing guidance to the junior enlisted.  I took grave exception to that because all of us NCOs know that when you try to correct anyone they only get corrected if they want to be corrected.  This is not directed at junior enlisted; it goes to everyone.  If you tell an officer, “Hey, sir, you know that’s not authorised,” they just laugh at you like, “Who the fuck are you to say anything?”  If you tell an E4 they need to work on their PT, now they feel targeted.  One Soldier mentioned that she felt like NCOs were “out to get her.”  I was upset by that statement because it made me think what should I do when I see a behaviour that needs correction?  Should I not say anything because I don’t want a Soldier to feel like I’m attacking them, or do I do what I’m supposed to do as an NCO and make the correction?  It’s just everyone was in their feelings and I really did not want to be a part of the meeting anymore.  I could offer nothing substantive and mostly remained quiet.

I already know how I am.  When I get started, I get started and I felt like that was not going to accomplish anything.  We all walked away from the meeting even more disgusted than when it began.  One Soldier was flat out lying.  Another one had this deer-in-the-headlights look like she had no idea what the fuck was going on.  Then yet another one was on her personal soapbox, going on about herself and all this other irrelevant shit.

Obviously, the rules apply to YOU, not me.  I do what I want.

Obviously, the rules apply to YOU, not me. I do what I want.

I was an NCO on my last deployment, but I stayed to myself, choosing to hideout in my little corner of hell.  I was accused of being bitchy, reclusive and anti-social.  I believe these things were mostly true and I said to myself that I would try to do better on this deployment.  I would actually try to make friends and be better as a Staff NCO, actually try to mentor some junior Soldiers as I was mentored by my senior NCOs.  I’m not really into hand-holding and all that sensitive bullshit.  If I ask you to fix your hair, then fix your hair.  Don’t lie and say that I never said anything to you about it.  Don’t give me an excuse about how long you’ve known someone or “it’s not what you think.”  If I’m noticing a particular behaviour, you can believe that someone else has noticed the same thing.  Sooner or later, shit rolls downward and it will catch you in the mouth.  You can either take my friendly advice or get fucked in your own ass.  Please do not come to me with the, “Oh, I see other people doing it.”  What the fuck does that even mean?  Don’t use someone else’s shitty ass behaviour to justify your own.

Okay, I’m done.


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