Crap the Kid Says #9

The Kid and I were having a discussion about religion.  He asked me if I had ever gone to church with my friend.  I told him no I had not.  One, my friend had never invited me and two, I don’t believe in anything my friend believes in.  The Kid replied, “But I thought you like to learn about different religions.”  I said, “I do, but I’ve been to her type of church before.  I’ve been a few times.  I don’t need to go anymore.”

This snowballed into a huge discussion on religion and why there are so many and why people don’t believe in the same things as everybody else.  I said, “People get mad if you believe differently than they do.  They take it as a personal attack, rather than just simply a difference of opinion.”

He said, “So all the religions are enemies?”

“Yes, Kid, they are.  Why do you think there are so many wars? Most wars were fought because someone got pissed that someone else didn’t believe in whatever it is he believed in.  It’s either you think the way I do or we’re gonna fight about it.”

The Kid looked extremely confused.  Then he said, “I thought we fought wars because people were taking our land, like in Vietnam and Iraq.  Afghanistan too.”

Uhm, no Kid, that wasn’t our land, but I guess you’ve been hanging out with Ole Bush a lot lately.

He had no idea what I was talking about but I thought it was hilarious.

First Suicide Prevention, Now Homicide Prevention

Thanks a lot, Major Hasan.

Because of you more than likely I’m going to have to sit through another tedious round of briefings aimed at making me a more mentally solvent soldier.  The army, like the rest of the government, is reactive.  They never do anything about anything until after something happens.

Soldiers are committing suicide at a rate much higher than the national rate.  After all these soldiers have hung, shot and stabbed themselves to death, the army decided to upgrade its suicide prevention classes.  Just last month I had to sit through several hours of training:  long-winded power point presentations, videos and a forced class discussion, you know the kind where you have to participate even if you don’t have anything relevant to say. 

So now we have some jackass who decides to go shoot up an army base.  Had he been your local nut case, some anti-military activist, this wouldn’t even be a big deal.  No, I don’t mean the deaths of all those people aren’t a big deal, but I mean there wouldn’t be this in depth thing about it.  Kind of like the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum.  They talked about it on the news but as soon as they found out the guy was a racist, everybody was like, oh, okay.  He was racist; yeah this is what you expect from racists.  It’s not that shocking.

Major Hasan, or Major Nidal, whatever, doesn’t have a readily available motive.  He was some officer who had been through years of schooling at the army’s expense.  He counselled soldiers just home from the war.  He listened to people’s horror stories as they battled PTSD.  Then he decides to shoot up a processing centre full of soldiers who are about to be deployed.

I’m not an investigator but maybe he has thing against the war.  His own family said he was mortified about his upcoming deployment.  He had never been deployed before, and I guess after listening to all those soldiers talk about their own terrors, he just decided that maybe Iraq/Afghanistan was not the place he wanted to be.  I don’t blame you, buddy, I’m not too thrilled either.  Not exactly my idea of a vacation destination, but I’m not really in the mood to go shoot up an army base. 

I’ve read some reports that this guy may have made some questionable comments about suicide bombers.  Something about likening these lunatics with soldiers who throw themselves on grenades to save their comrades.  I’m not sure how that’s the same thing, but if you want to believe that, that’s your perogative.  At any rate, they are not 100% sure that he made those comments.  They are still investigating.  There’s a lot to be investigated.

But this is just another black smudge! 

When my sister asked me if I’d heard about the Ft. Hood shootings, I immediately ran to my computer and got on CNN.  When I read his name NIDAL MALIK HASAN, I was like, “Oh, Lord, here we go again.”  I was hoping that there was no real connection that it just happened to be his name and he shot up the place because he was a drugged-crazed maniac, not because he was an anti-war, radical Muslim. 

It’s the same since of dread I get when I read a black person’s name in connection with something heinous.  LeRoy Jenkins robbed a bank and shot down 12 people.  Oh, God, you know he’s black.  Everything about my identity piles up like bile in my throat.  Because there’s always talk.

I have drill next weekend.  Are they going to talk about this?  Are they going to talk about “warning signs,” and how to tell if your peers are on the verge of a homicidal episode?  Perhaps.  Someone is going to link this to the same techniques used to detect suicidism in our friends.  “Folks, just like we’re being trained to watch out for potential suicide attempts, you can also use these same skills to prevent homicides.”

And then someone is going to make that leap.  It only takes one person.  “I heard the guy was an Islamic militant.”  Flashback:  AIT 2007.  I was in class when an instructor stated that we [the United States] should round up all the Muslims and put them in an internment camp like we did back during World War II with the Japanese.

“Because we don’t know what these people are up to,” said the instructor.

Gee, thanks.  I won’t tell you how that story ended, but we already know me, my mouth and my dramatics.  We’ll just leave it at that. 

At any rate, I’m glad they didn’t kill Major Nidal.  I hate it when they either kill themselves or they get killed.  If you’re balls out brass enough to do something like this, then you should be balls out brass enough to stand up and take your licks like a man.  Killing yourself is lame.  I know the cops have to shoot you down to neutralise the situation, but I still wish they would go for the kneecaps in the hopes that you will stop the rampage, but we can capture you alive.  We never get to hear the full story.  Oh, the FBI goes to search the home and they piece together what they think is really going on, but they don’t know.  I hope this guy survives.  I want to hear him speak.  I want to hear his side.

What’s really going on?  Are you a lame ass coward?  Were you really that terrified of going to Iraq/Afghanistan that this was the only way you could think of to get out of it?  Are you an extremist?  Are you in a sleeper cell?  Do you really think that suicide bombers and soldiers who throw themselves on grenades are the same?  What?  What?  What? 

The papers don’t say what sort of condition he’s in.  Initially, they had said he was dead.  They also reported that there might have been others.  Man, I wish I could be a spider on his wall right about now.  Inquiring minds want to know.