A Poem For My Mood #4: Better Than Sex

Better Than Sex

by Teari

The trials and tribulations of life weigh heavy on you
The toxins and poisons make you angry and filled with hate
Where did your strong legs for walking go?
They disappeared beneath your obnoxiously, obese weight

You can’t carry your children and your pets run with fright
Why do you struggle to climb ascending stairs?
Even when using maximum strength and might?

Marketing is heavy and temptations are strong
You’d buy death if they wrapped it in a pretty bottle
You’d buy two if they sang a catchy little song

How hard is it to turn the right way?
How crazy to think that infamous thought
Now let me sell you something real
That in your lifetime you would have never otherwise bought

To get the inexplicable euphoric pleasure
Of knowing you did something positively right
Close your eyes, soak in the silence
And that little voice, do not fight

When lovely life hits you
With a bulldozer of crazy confusions
And tries to run your brain, ruin your heart, and rot your soul too
Sit on that nice, clean toilet with that shiny flusher
Inhale deep, exhale slow and just poop

A Poem For My Mood #2: What If by Me

What If….?
by me


What if there’s one chance
To grab what I can?
What if my dreams
Are in my open hand?

What if I try
And all I do is fail?
I can’t see the future
Only time will tell

If I take the leap
I will only fall
Nobody to catch me
Nobody at all

If I run away
I could be running to
That very thing
I didn’t want to do

But if I stay
And I’m stuck right here
With all the things
That fill me with fear

What if I don’t?
What if I do?
What if there’s nobody out there
But me and you?

I could make a wish
Get on my knees and pray
But my life don’t change
Same as it was yesterday

What if there’s no God?
But what if there is?
What if I die
And I’m alone in the mist?

What if it’s fate?
What if it’s not?
What if this one time
Is all I got?

What if I’m lucky?
What if I win?
Then what do I do
With the chance I’ve been given?