Questions to Ponder #2

What do guys do when they go to the bathroom with their drink in their hand?  Do they hold the drink in one hand and their junk in the other?  Or do they set the drink down on top of something (like the urinal) and hold their junk with both hands?

I ask this because Saturday night I was in the lounge and I observed a man get up from his table with his drink and go to the bathroom.  Since he was sitting at a table with presumably his friends I wondered why he didn’t just leave his drink there.  I guess he felt more comfortable going to the bathroom with his drink and I wondered, “What is he going to do with the drink while he pees?”  Guys have to hold it while they pee, don’t they?  So what does he do with the cup?



Questions To Ponder #1

Why is it that you never forget how to ride a bike but you can forget everything else? I do not remember learning how to ride a bike, but here I am many, many years later and I can still ride a bike even though I haven’t been on one in about 10 years.

I remember distinctly learning how to swim. I was in eighth grade and forced to take lessons by the school I attended. After I finished the swimming class, I went in the pool maybe once or twice and then never again. I tried to swim when I was in ROTC and discovered that I had forgotten how.

How come I didn’t forget how to ride a bike, but forgot how to swim?